14 June 2013

No jeans, blue shirt!

Hello! I finally start my summer vacations. The weather is really warm and I can't just stay in. I have planned so many things to do this summer with my friends. It's really goind to be perfect. I can't wait!
This shoe are my favourite for this summer. They fit with everything, and they are so comfortable. This floral skirt is really beautiful but I couldn't easily combined it, so I found this blue shirt (looks like jeans, but it's not) and it's really saved me from digging in my closet for hours to find something that looks nice!


03 June 2013

Georgia Kefalas

Georgia Kefalas is one of my really bestfriends. Her dream was to be a photographer. After she hold in her hands her first phography we can't stop her from taking photos all the time. However she is really talented and I believe someday she will make her dream come true. So I made this post to saw you her photo gallery. I included some of my favourite photos. Hope you like them too!

Birds flying high, you know how i feel..

Multiple Colours in Pegs

Easy Riders

Bubbles everywhere, Paris, France

Summer at Agios Spyridwnas, Greece

Kardamili, Greece 2012

Square Monastiraki, Greece 2013

Faith and Love in his eyes..

02 June 2013

Art & Fashion

Hello everyone! So I went with my really bestfriends to a cafe near our houses just to chat and have a great time and then we walked all the way around the area. So I thought it was a chance to take some pictures. We found this incredible park with those amazing graffitis on the walls. They were so many things that charmed me. Anyway...my friend Georgia Kefalas is an upcoming photographer, and she has so much talent! She took those photos!

Hope you liked this post!
Iris L.

20 April 2013

Spring is knocking on my door..

Hello everybody! Sorry I didn't post anything new these last days, but I didn't have much time. However, from now on, I'll try to post more new things. Spring has come to Greece and the weather is really warm. It's almost like summer. It's good that spring has come to Athens, however I'd much rather enjoy be at sea, reading "The island" by Victoria Hislop while listening to the gentle breaking waves onto the sandy beach. This outfit has lot of elements inspired by spring! The floral crown that I wear is the finishing touch to make the outfit just perfect for a walk on a spring day!

Βlouse : Pull & Bear // Shoes : Zara // Bag : Zara // Floral crown : DIY

Hope you like it..

02 April 2013

April Wishlist

After a walk in the shops this week I want to fill my closet with silver, black and white colors. Especially Zara's latest collection with all the chunky heels and spring colors is very inspirational .

Printed black and white suit : Topshop (here & here) ,